Paleokastritsa & Boat Trip

Discover Paradise: Paleokastritsa Day Trip Adventure

Join us for an unforgettable journey on our captivating bus tour to Paleokastritsa!

Departing bright and early at 9 am, our adventure-packed day promises to be a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. First on our itinerary is the breathtaking Paleokastritsa Beach, where you can soak up the sun’s rays and feel the soft sand between your toes while gazing out at the azure waters of the Ionian Sea.

Then, we’ll whisk you away to the historic Paleokastritsa Monastery, perched majestically atop a hill, offering sweeping views of the coastline below. Dive into the monastery’s rich history and admire its timeless architecture.

But the excitement doesn’t end there – get ready for an exhilarating boat trip to discover the hidden treasures of the sea caves along the coast. Marvel at the intricate formations and vibrant marine life that inhabit these mystical caverns.

As our adventure comes to a close at 5 pm, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect on the beauty and wonder of Paleokastritsa before heading back to your accommodations, filled with cherished memories of a truly magical day.

Bus Itinerary

(Monday & Thursday)

09:30Depart to Paleokastritsa
10:00Chelidoni view-point
10:30Arrive at Paleokastritsa
45' boat trip to the caves (optional 10€ per person)
Monastery visit (free entrance)
15:30Meeting at the beach and departure
16:00Short stop to Bella Vista - Angelokastro viewpoint
17:00Arrive back to your hotel


Mini Bus: per person, round trip
Taxi: round trip

Mini BusTaxi
High Season25€100€
Low Season20€80€

Prices include only transfer tickets